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SBI Quick – MISSED CALL BANKING is a service from the Bank which involves Banking by giving a Missed Call or sending an SMS with pre-defined keywords to pre-defined mobile numbers from your registered mobile number.


If you have an Android, Windows, iOS or Blackberry phone, you can download SBI Quick app from the respective App Store. With this app you need not remember the various keywords and destination mobile numbers. Once app is installed, internet connection is not required to use the app as the communication would happen over SMS or Missed Call.

Checking the Balance

  1. To check the balance in your account you can simply type “BAL” and send it to 09223766666. You will receive a text message with your updated balance in account.
  2. Alternatively, you can also give a Missed call on 09223766666. The call will get disconnected after one ring and then a text message with your account balance will be send to you. Check out more methods to check sbi account balance.

Send SMS, ‘REG’ to 09223488888


e.g. REG 12345678901

from the Registered mobile no for that particular account. Confirmation message will be received indicating successful/unsuccessful registration.
If successful then you can start using the services.
If unsuccessful:

  • Check the format and destination mobile number
  • Ensure that your mobile number from which the SMS is sent, is updated with the Bank for that account number. If not, visit the Home Branch and update the same.

State Bank Of India launched ‘Missed Call Banking’ facility which is a simple and quick way to to get balance (or) mini-statement of account through your mobile phone. Each bank has its own dedicated Toll-free numbers. Bank customers can just give a missed call to the toll-free number and get their Bank Account Balance as SMS (text message). This facility is free of cost.

Missed Call Number for SBI Bank Balance

Get to know your State Bank Of India balance by giving missed call from your registered mobile number.

  • Give Missed call to 1800112211 and 18004253800.
  • This is a complete toll free service to know about your State Bank Of India account details.
  • Use this enquiry number to get your State Bank Of India account balance details anywhere from India.

SBI Account Balance Enquiry for by Mobile SMS

SBI(State Bank of India) provides quick missed call service for :

  • Balance Enquiry
  • Mini Statement
  • Blocking of ATM Card
  • Car and Home Loan Enquiry

Mobile number must be available in bank records then only you can register for SBI missed call service. To attach a mobile number with the account, contact your branch.

Balance EnquiryMissed Call or send an SMS ‘BAL’ to 09223766666
Mini StatementMissed Call or send an SMS ‘MSTMT’ to 09223866666
Blocking of ATM CardSend a SMS ‘BLOCKXXXX’ to 567676(XXXX represents last 4 digit of the card number).
Car/Home Loan EnquirySMS ‘HOME’ or ‘CAR’ to 09223588888.
Full List of ServicesSMS ‘HELP’ to 09223588888

De-register mobile number for SBI missed call service
You can de-register from SBI Quick through the following process.
Send SMS ‘DREG account number’ to 09223488888
e.g. DREG 12345678901

 SBI’s SMS Banking:

1. Type the text MBSREG into the message and send it to the number 9223440000.SBI will send you the User ID and default MPIN.

2. Change the MPIN by typing below text into the message and sending it to the number 9223440000. SMPIN[User Id][Old Mpin][New Mpin]

3. For accepting Terms and Conditions of the Service. Type [SACCEPT][UserId][Mpin]

Now SBI will send the registration confirmation message. Registration Done!

Keywords for Balance enquiry and Mini Statement

Now you can avail the SBI SMS Banking facility using below keywords.

  • For Balance Enquiry: Send the below text message to the number 9223440000 for Balance inquiry using SBI SMS Banking.


  • For Mini Statement: Send the below text message to the number 9223440000 for Mini Statement using SBI SMS Banking.


You can de-register from SBI Quick through the following process
SMS ‘DREG ’ to 09223488888
You will receive a confirmation message indicating successful/unsuccessful de-registration.

  • If successful then you will not be able to use the services till you register again.
  • If unsuccessful check the format and destination mobile number and try again.


  • For 6 digit number i.e. 567676 premium charges will apply.
  • For 10 digit numbers, SMS charges will be as per customer’s mobile bill plan.
  • For Missed Call, there is no charge. If the customers listens to IVR of 3 seconds which will be played after 4-5 rings, then customer will be charged as per customer’s mobile bill plan for 3 seconds.

What If you have two account numbers with the Bank with the same mobile number mentioned on both?
You can register for SBI Quick for only one account at any point of time. If you want to change the mapped account number, you have to de-register SBI Quick from the first account and then register for the second one.

Is it mandatory that the mobile number to be used for SBI Quick has to be registered with the Bank for that particular account?
Yes. If not done, visit your Home Branch and update your mobile number for that account.

Is it available for all types of Accounts?
SBI Quick is available for SB/CA/OD/CC accounts.

How is this facility different from State Bank Anywhere or State Bank Freedom?
There are 2 distinct differences:

  • You don’t need a Login ID, Password to use this facility. Just one time registration from the mobile number recorded with Bank for that particular Account.
  • SBI Quick does not provide any financial transactional services. Unlike State Bank Anywhere or State Bank Freedom there are no transaction services available.

Is there any limit of the number of enquiries that can be made in a day/month?
As of now there is no such restriction. Unlimited


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  1. Sr i already activate my netbanking in my sav8ng account from my branch. But till 2 months passes no user id and password recieve. The branch manager said, it will take one month. But till now i didnt get in my adress which is in my passbook. And when i tried to activate through my android phone the server reply me, ‘ you have already register ‘ . What happen? Sr. Help me.

  2. Sir my name is syed Asif my account number is 33820281234 please change my mobile number my new phone number is 9686201041

  3. i have already missed called but response till now according to above doc sms should get arrived till now …no response

  4. Sir,
    I have got two SB a/c . I have given same mobile no. for the two accounts.How to receive BAL or MSTMT SMS to my same mobile no.for the two different accounts ?

  5. Sir mera no. Registurd ho chuka hai fir bhi bal. Nhi bta rha hai.. ..
    Missd call karne pr. ….
    This no. Is not registered batata hai.. ..

  6. The Balance enquiry number is switched off whenever I try. Please remove this page itself, as it is highly misleading.


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